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Kairos - That Which Does Not

Stream and download "That Which Does Not", the first single off Kairos debut EP:

Kairos is the solo project and musical endeavor of Lena Simon (Pollens, Tomten, Throw Me The Statue). Uprooted from Los Angeles, Simon came to Seattle in 2008 to pursue a degree in classical clarinet from Cornish College of the Arts. After a semester, she re-auditioned for the composition department using three songs that almost no one had heard. She began playing in various bands on bass, drums, guitar, clarinet, and voice. Using influences from the sound design she composes for Seattle dance company The YC, the music of Kairos is subtle yet driving, with themes of patience and departure. For the last four years, Simon has been writing and collecting solo material to record and perform.

The Kairos debut EP is anticipated for early 2014 and was recorded with Charlie Smith (Throw Me The Statue) in Pioneer Square, Seattle. Smith has worked with Lena in past projects including the Pollens LP and Dawn Clement’s newest record. The forthcoming EP was recorded in the summer of 2012 with only Lena and Charlie working in the studio, performing and recording everything together.


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